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Beaver and everythin else

Coyotes and bobcats are the only 2 things I'm really finding any sign of. I do a lot of scouting, riding and trapping in the Pigeon river forest area northeast to Rogers City. Areas I used to trap 2-3 mink are showing no sign at all - I haven't found one mink trail in the snow to date. I got out about 15 **** sets this afternoon and hope to get another 15 out tomorrow - it looks like the temps are going to stay in the low 40's all week!

I need to get a good 4 wheel drive vehicle and head up near Raco in the UP - thats where I was born and I know tons of good Beaver spots in the area - I haven't been finding many dens down here at all.

Good Luck on the Yotes - K-9 trapping is addictive - if you saved your muskrat carcasses you are in business. Tainted muskrat with Lenon's or any other good lure is a deadly combo!
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