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Thirteen point doe!

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doe with horns

About 1983 a buddy of mine went back home to PA to hunt his dads property and shot a nice big one.Forgot the exact number of points but it was impressive.The biggest rack he'd ever shot.Turned it over to gut and was surprised to find something male organ,also he said it had teats and was lactating !! I think it was in velvet too.

our game and fish dept here in Ar. have a 6 pt. full mount that goes to the big buck classic shows in the state that was killed here a couple yrs. ago, they are rare but they do show up. Years ago I saw a head mount in Michigan of a deer that had a mane like a horse would have and never have seen anything like it since. JIM :D
deer with mane

My grandfather shot a 5 pnt. with mane about ten years ago in central NY. He has the head mounted.

I have heard of moose trying to mate with cows. You think some tall buck found a horse? :lol:
actully there have been quit a few antlered does taken here in MN but i beleave this 13 pointer is the largest.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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