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Just my two cents, from the new guy! Been reading these posts this evening! Great topics, good answers! So here's some more thoughts to ponder!! Italian single shot copys both Sharps and Remington are fair at best. Replace the barrel with a name brand, with known twist and bore diameter. Then it might shoot good! Watch your breech block for signs of cracking, several rolling block copys have came apart on the range due to breech block problems! The twist rate and bore diameter should be checked before you decide to purchase one! Have inspected three so far that were advertised as 1 in 18 twist with .458 bore only to be a 1 in 20 twist with a .460 bore! Not exactly truth in advertising!
Duplex loads- A no-no in an original single shot! No matter how skilled and carefull you are! Duplexing causes unknown pressure limits, this can do bad things to your rifle and even you! Most duplex because it burns most of the fouling out of the barrel, however after firing such a load have you noticed that the rifle kicked harder? Cartridge was a little harder to extract? Plus duplex loads on anything shortens case life due to higher pressure at the base of case! Thins out the brass at the base!! This can be an expensive way to go if your duplexing anything bigger than a 45-70!
Powder compression dies- A big waste of money! All the compression you will ever need on a black powder cartridge is 1/16 of an inch if that! You can do this with your over powder wad and a wood dowell, and if you think this is slower than the die think again! Line up 20 charged cases and do 10 by hand and 10 in the die. The hand is quicker than the die! How can the hand method be accurate you ask? If you mark your compression limit on the dowell, including your seating depth,wad and the 1/16 compression all falls into place rather quickly!
I posted this for your benefit! Not to make anyone mad! If I did , forgive me! Been doing this game for a long time, longer than most! I know what works and what don't! At least with my rifle!! Have seen guy's get rich selling garbage to make the game easyer, while it makes you poorer! And the results are still the same! Keep it simple! If it works dont change it! And most important of all, Every time you pull that trigger on that old single shot your closer to history than most folk ever will be! Enjoy it!!!

A man and his rifle become one!
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Italian Sharps

I will put my Italian Pedersoli 1874 Sharps up against any brand of Sharps rifle on the market as far as accuracy goes. I shot right along with 3 and 4 thousand dollar rifles at the Mathew Quigley shoot in June, and so did a number of top shooters.
Italian Sharps

In reply to your post about Italian Sharps and rolling blocks, I have a Pedersoli 1874 Sharps that I have put over 1,000 rounds through so far. I shot it at theMathew Quigley shoot in MT this June, my first time at any long range shooting, and finished right in the middle of the pack of 416 shooters from 34 different States and a couple of other countries. I have shot black, duplex, and smokeless in this rifle and it delivers outstanding accuracy with anything I feed it. I shoot cast lead (45-70), in five different bullet weights from 350 to 550 grains, both lube groved and paper patched.

I have two targets that I put two ten shot groups with all bullet holes touching and that could be covered with a silver dollar.

A few of the best shooters I know shoot the same rifle and are very pleased with them. Most people I know who have owned and shot a Pedersoli extensively swear by them, not at them. I also own a C.Sharps 45-110, and a Browning BPCR 45-70. The Pedersoli may not be as pretty, but it shoots every bit as good as either, for much less money :lol: I also do some CAS and use an Uberti 1873 Win, and 3.5" Thunderer revolver, both with complete satisfaction.

Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth. Happy Holidays, Poke :D
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