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I live in NE also, I posted this reply at the NGPC forum regarding 1x on ML's. Maybe you already saw it.

I have been dealing with this problem for approximately 4 months with my wife's muzzleloader.

Let me tell you what I found out. We tried a scope, open sights, and now we are going to a red dot.

First, ALL the 1X scopes I have looked through are either junk or really not that great. The best one I have seen is the Simmons, and I am not sure if they even make it anymore. The problem with the Simmons I had, it seemed that the scope was actually demagnifying it. It made a target at 50 yards look smaller than the with the naked eye. My opinion: don't waste money with a 1X scope.

Second, open sights are great, but my wife really had a problem puting that big sight over something as trivial as a 6 inch target at 50 yards. For me this was no problem, even at 100 yards, but she just couldn't get the hang of it and never could consistently hit the target. Probably has something to do with the fact that I have been shooting for many years and her only a couple of years.

Anyway, IF you do get a open sight I HIGHLY reccommend getting a click adjustable sight made by Thompson Center. I believe you should be able to buy one for that knight, it will run you about 50 bucks but its well worth it. The other sights have set screws and its a "bump and guess" game when it comes to adjustments. Once you get them set they are fine, but not near as easy as counting clicks.

Finally, we just purchased her an Aimpoint red dot. Why an Aimpoint? Because we like to spend money! No really, we did it because Aimpoint is the only brand where you don't have to center the red dot. She tried an red dot last year on a borrowed MZ and missed a deer because she didn't have the red dot centered good. I personally never have like red dots either for this reason. Having to center the dot is just something else to worry about when your trying to get the sights on a deer.

I believe this red dot should solve our problem. The dot only covers a 4 inch circle at 100 yards and it truly is a 1X, in other words the target looks like you would see it with the naked eye. I will report and let you know how our shooting goes, I believe we are going to try it this weekend.

Oh another thing, if anyone is interested I paid $293 for that aimpoint SC7000, cheapest place I could find it on the net. That included shipping and no tax (out of state).

BTW, I shoot open sights myself, with the click adjustable T/C sight I spoke of.
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