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Thoughts on the 7mm Weatherby mag

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I just picked up a Rem. 700 SS 7mm weatherby mag with synthetic stock and a Leapold 2.5x10 for what I thought was a great buy, $400 bucks, but that is not my question. Need to know what grain you guys advise for Eastern Washington Mule Deer, and why. Thanks in advance.

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Man, you stole that gun! :lol:

I would consider a 140 or 150 grain ballistic tip if it were me. The trajectory of either of these rounds is flat enough for any long shots you may encounter and they will still offer plenty of knock down power.

Good luck with it.

VERY GOOD PRICE ON THAT GUN I just got a 7mm ultra mag and will be shootin 160 grain nosler partitions I would try 140 or 160 noslers by Weatherby if it were up to me good luck on what you decide
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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