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Thoughts on wad cutters?

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Any ideas on these rounds good or bad. Prefered or not.
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:D Britt. They are great for target practice. I am assuming you are talking about in a .38 cal type weapon. king :grin:

what kind of things happen if you were to load a .38 wad cutter upsidedown?

Would that be a huge hollow point and would it be likely to stop before it went very far after hitting something down range? Jim
:D Not a whole lot RJ. I know a lot of people that do load them with the base pointed up,most are attempting to make a load that expands rapidly into a soft tissue target. Theway I look at it there is a huge plethora of projos to pick out on the market,and the base foreward wadcutter really does not have anything on them that are on the market. In other words,you arnt going to gain anything from doing it except for the results of the experimentation from doing so. They will be accurate for the distance that you are shooting them as long as you dont go over 50 yards with them,and i dont recommend a .38 for hunting anything the size of a deer..A .357 is good for ranges no longer that 75 yards on the outside. The .38 might be interesting for some of the smaller game up to coyote size,but that is about it. King

Britt: S. Summner says it right. The wadcutter will cut a 'square' hole in the target and most likely upset somewhat on its way through. We also used to experiment with faster loadings with the wadcutter turned hollowbase up but found that it didn't matter much whichever end came out the barrel first if you loaded them up a bit, 'cause either way, they work.... Interesting thing about the 38 Wadcutter is that you can load them up to shoot quite fast - around 1100 feet per second I believe. That would hurt a whole lot on the receiving end. Hope this helps. Mikey.
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