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Three Canadians.

Three Canadians and three Americans were travelling by train to a hockey game.
The three Americans watched as the three Canadians only bought one ticket between the three of them.

"How can 3 of you ride on one ticket?" one American asks.

"Just watch," was the reply from the Canadians.

So, the Americans each buy their own ticket and board the train behind the Canadians.
The Americans take their seats and watched in puzzlement as the Canadians, all 3 of them, cram into the bathroom.

Soon, the Conducter arrives to collect tickets. "Tickets," he called, and the Americans handed over their tickets. The Conducter knocked on the bathroom door, and called "Ticket please".

The bathroom door opened a crack, and a single arm held out one ticket for the Conducter. The trainman took it and carried on.

Now, the Americans thought this was very clever. So, on the trip back, they decided to do the same thing and save some money. Much to their surprise, after buying their one ticket, they watched as the Canadians didn't buy a ticket at all!

"How can the 3 of you ride with no ticket at all?" they asked.

"Just watch," was the reply from the Canadians.

The train arrived, and the groups boarded. The Americans crammed into a bathroom, and the Canadians crammed into another bathroom nearby. As soon as the train left the station, one of the Canadians left their bathroom, and went to the bathroom where the Americans were.

"Tickets," he called.
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