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Tikka vs Savage


I have two Tikkas, a T-3, and a M695, and I have two Savages,
a Model 16, and a Striker. All of these rifles(The Striker is just
a 14" rifle, without the butt stock), are sub MOA accurate.
I bought the Savage Model 16(SS/Synthetic) Weather Warrior
as a truck gun. Something that could bang around the back of the
truck, and not rust when put away dirty. I don't put guns away
dirty, but I wanted to be able to, if I needed to. Well now I am
considering getting a Stevens 243 Win, as a truck gun because
the Savage 16, in .22-250 Rem. is shooting .3 MOA groups. The
Savage 16 is headed to the varmint/predator battery, after mounting
a Bushnell 6-24x Elite 4200 on it, so now I need another truck
gun :) I think the Stevens would be perfect. Not expensive,
I am going to predict very accurate, and something that won't
look bad with character marks on it.

My Tikka M695 is a .25-06 Rem. If you are new to the .25-06 Rem,
I am going to predict a new love affair. When ever I take it to the
range, or afield, I wonder why it took some many years to find
this caliber. IMHO it is truly one of the most versatile chamberings.
If I want it to be my one rifle for everything from prairie dogs,
to elk, it could be. I hope I am never down to one rifle, but if
that ever happens, it will be the .25-06 Rem.

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