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I have both


I have both. The Whitetail Hunter is SS/Laminate, and the T-3
is Blued/Synthetic. The WH is in .25-06 Rem, and the T-3 is
in .223 Rem. The WH is heavier, and has a larger palm swell.
They both are VERY accurate, and relatively easy to find sub MOA
loads. Both have great triggers. About my only complaint, is
I don't get enough time to enjoy them more :cry:

Is there anything specific you would like to know about them?
A while back someone wanted me to take pictures of them,
to post, and I have yet to get to that.

There are a couple of small differences in these two rifles. The T-3
has the top of the action closed off, which I assume stiffens
the lighter action. It makes single round feeding a pain,
but not impossible. The mag release is on the side of the
magazine port, on the WH, and in the front of the magazine port in
the T-3. I prefer the WH mag release, but that may be just that it
was my first Tikka, and I grew accustom to it first.

In smaller calibers, I think I prefer the T-3, and in heavier
recoiling chambers, I prefer the Whitetail Hunter. I will
own more of both Tikka models, even though the WH is
now out of production.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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