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Time to rethink General Electric.....?

According to many news sources, NBC has refused to air a PAID advertisement that thanks the troops for their service in the war zones..

Yet, they gave a total of about 35 HOURS..FREE to Algore to promote his dubious "global warming" agenda !

NBC executives gave as an excuse that the Organization sponsoring the ad was a conservative organization ( Freedom's Watch ) with
"controversial" positions, and their website address was given during the commercial !

Now, I didn't watch any of Algore's free hours..I don't pay attention to Algore anything..but I would assume that during those 35 FREE hours,
Algore may have presented at least a couple of website addresses ! The simple fact is, that the whole "global warming" debate is "controversial"...

Sheesh ! even the NY Times ran a PAID ad for the group...

It sure gets interesting when a network with a supposedly "objective" news dept. rejects patriotism out of hand..

NBC execs have had this brought to their attention many times, but they just blow it off..

Since they won't listen..perhaps GE (their parent company) will listen to the diminishing "ka-ching" of their cash registers..

From now on until NBC wises more GE for me..and I will make sure I tell folks why I am not buying GE !

..For me, at the present time..GE may as well be spelled C-I-T-G-O...
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