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No doubt about me getting old...62 is a couple of weeks!


I tried a couple of dem der new gadgits...and I didn't like 'em at all!

First of all, I have flourescent shop lamps over my reloading benches, and it was impossible to read the fancy, dancy, little displays on 'em!

Secondly, they take ferever to dump a load! I kin tak my old "55", slam the handle up and down one time, and rap with da der little peter thing hangin' in front twice and I have my charge.

Throw dat der charge on a scale (one o' dem old man type scales), twist the little titty on my dribbler (not THAT dribbler, the one on my reloadin' bench), an' I'm all set!

Meanwhile dat durn electrical thingy is still tryin' ta figure out what the **** it is 'posed ta be doin'!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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