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To Crimp or Not to Crimp, THAT is the question?

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I know with the bigger single shots, many people finger seat their bullets for more consistancy. I also know that in a lever rifles ya need some crimp to prevent bullet movement. The question is "How much is enough?", "How much is too much" and "What type of crimp is Best?"
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To Crimp or Not to Crimp, THAT is the quest

With my Maxi Ball loads in .45 Colt I crimp HARD on the top driving band. They seem plenty accurate this way. I only put a reasonably hard crimp on my 38-22 rounds. With my 230 grain BP .45ACP rounds I don't crimp at all, letting case tension contain the slug. Seems to work ok, but I use 3F in them instead of 2F.
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