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Demonstration: Toronto’s "STOP the Gun Registry" Rally

WHERE: Queen’s Park: Toronto, University Avenue South of Bloor

WHEN: Saturday, January 11, 2003 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

WHAT: Peaceful, law-abiding protest on the grounds of the
Ontario legislature: focused message delivered by signs, speakers

STRATEGY: Ontario’s Minister of Security, the Hon. Bob Runciman,
called for a suspension of the federal firearms registry January
2, 2003. Now other provinces are voicing similar outrage at
out-of-control costs and general failure of the program. The
Mike Harris government promised to "opt out" of the gun registry
in 1995. Let’s encourage the PC government to take an even
stronger stance and stick to its promise. To this end the
general message against gun registration and irresponsible
spending will be articulated.

In case media and cameras show up, let’s portray the image of
clean-cut, well-dressed, responsible citizens protesting the
irresponsible policy and spending of the federal government. We
are not necessarily gun-owners. For the purposes of this
demonstration I put "Citizens for Justice" as the organization on
the application form.

Let’s try to stick to this strategy for this protest and present
a unified front to the public. Please offer polite criticism if
necessary or to lend support as far as you’re able.

1. volunteers to advertise: pass this notice to friends and
family, post it at the range - generate a crowd
2. volunteers to make signs (24" x 30" bristle board with neat
black felt pen lettering is cheap/effective)
3. content for a flyer and/or media release
4. leaders/speakers willing to make a speech at the
demonstration (contact me)
5. articulate and knowledgeable spokesperson to media (otherwise
I’ll do it)

SUGGESTED SIGNS: Clear Simple Messages are Best

"Criminals don't register guns"
"Police need $1,000,000,000 to fight real crime"
"Gun Registration = BILLIONS WASTED"
"$1billion: pay 1000 crime busters for 5 years, but Liberals
spent it on paper"
"criminal control, not gun control"
"Register Criminals, NOT Guns"

I have a little experience as a media spokesperson, and I’m happy
to defer if there’s a more qualified person willing to take on
the job. I’m able to provide a loud speaker and a wireless
microphone, and I’ll try to bring along a few extra signs.

You can contact me at 416 497 9309, or on my cell 647 292 9199
or email mailto:[email protected]

Ryan Kidd
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