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Training a 2 yr. walker to obey simple commands

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I just got a 2 yr. old walker, who has never hunted and always kept in a cage.
He's timid of other dogs, due to being bitten twice when he was a pup.He's very good hearted and loving.I'd like him to be the best pet he can be.Right now he won't even come back when released. He runs off and I have to get in the truck and drive up through the farmland looking for him. I have neighbors with sheep and dairy cattle and if he get's in there chasing there livestock, he's probably going to get shot.What can I do to get him to at least obey simple commands??Is it too late for him??Would getting him fixed help any with taking some of the wildness out of him.He came from registered stock, and dam and sire are both good hounds.The sire was mean at the tree but good natured any other time. He's pure bear hound, and the Dam is very good natured and a pretty good **** hound.
I tried switching him, a few times pretty hard, trying to break him,but it seemed to make it worse.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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