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adi powders here in australia have loads fore trapdoor springfield made by pedersoli they are 300grn bullet 63grn ar2208 2020fps l385grn 52grn1805fps
400grn 54grn ar2208 1760fps l405grn 50grn ar2208 1718fps.ar2208 is very close burning rate to imr 4064. pedersoli alows 29007 cup psi for there trapdoor the 405grn cast 50grn ar2208 1718fps 20900 pressure this is with a 24inch barrel. so this load is safe in the pedersoli trapdoor they list a load of 300grn bullet 40grain ar2205 1935fops.ar2205burning rate is close to imr 4227.all this info is from adi if any of you guys have a pedersoli trapdoor ,you could use the imr powders and work up similar loads just thought you mite find it interesting.
bernie :D
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