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I threw together a quick set up and tried out the Kimber Montan 7mm-08 today.

The gun has Kimber bases (windage rear, dove tail front), medium height Leupold rings and a 2.5x8x36 Leupold VXIII. I’m not a big fan of windage rear bases but that’s all the shop had and I didn’t feel like waiting for mail order. I do think Low rings would have been a better choice but Mediums are what I had laying around the house.

I used a fold up card table for a rifle rest which didn’t turn out to be so sturdy. The ammo was 140 grain Winchester Power Points. After the first 5 sight in shot’s I finished the box ending up with three 1.5” groups @ 110 yards. The other six shots consisted of one three shot group of three inches and one three shot group just under an inch.

The barrel heats up real fast and my time to shoot didn’t allow me to let the gun cool. At the end of the session you could fry an egg on the barrel. The gun shot well in my opinion given the circumstances. When I get more time and have several types of ammo and a better rest I anticipate better groups.

All twenty rounds were fed from the magazine. When the Magazine box is full it’s difficult to chamber the first round. If you cycle the action slowly it will not feed the first round. After trying a few different approaches to cycling the bolt I found the gun will cycle the first round every time but you have to cycle briskly while pushing the bolt to the left hand side. Also after inspection of cycling a few rounds you can see where the bullets jacket is scratched up from sliding over the feed ramp. One of the cycled rounds showed damage to the shoulder of the case. Other than this the bolt failed to pick up the second round in the magazine one time.

Some good and some bad I reckon but I really like this gun.

Take Care,
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