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Trying to get started reloading. What do I need?

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I am interested in starting to reload handgun ammunition. I have done a little research but need some advice on what equipment I will need.

I don't have a lot of spare time, so the idea of a "progressive" press appeals to me. Everyone seems to recommend the Dillon presses. In addition, I don't know what other equipment I would need, i.e. powder scales, case cleaners, trimmers, ect...

I would be interested in some recommendations on the type or brand of press to get, what equipment I will need, and a good manual for instruction. I will probably just be reloading handgun ammunition. .38 spec., .357 mag., .44 spec., and .44 mag. Thanks for your input.
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Trying to get started reloading. What do I

We've got some very serious reloaders among us......bear with me please. I want to reload rifle cartridges in .30-06;.300Sav; 6.5X55mmSE. I need to get a detailed list of what to buy/order cause I'm itching to get started: What's the cheapest way out?

I believe most of you recommend the RCBS Rockchucker Press?
Is it economical to order the "Master Reloading Kit?
As follows:
1) Rockchucker Press
2) 5-0-5 scale (mechanical)....... I would want an electronic scale later
3) Uniflow precision powder measure
4) Rotary Case Trimmer-2 w/three collets and nine pilots
5) Case Loading Block
6)Case Lube-2 & Case Lube Pad
7) Auto Primer Feed Combo
8) Primer Tray-2
9) Powder Funnel
10) Deburring Tool
11) 2 Case Neck Brushes w/ handle
12) Hex Key Set
13) Speer Reloading Manual #12

** Dies ordered seperately. What brand, carbide? Any other necessities? How do I clean brass?

$269.99 KIT.............. Press alone $99.99
Prices: Cabella's 2001 catalog

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