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I've got a 94AE with a trigger pull that's a mile long.

When you finally take up the slack, a near king-fu grip is required to get to the break.

Doesn't really help when you're trying to put one exactly where it needs to go, know what I mean? I can deal with the extra slack, but I really need to have fewer lbs pull to get to the break. No kidding, it's got like a 10lb pull.

Any after market drop-in type triggers or recommended trigger mods/jobs that might help? Know where a fellow can find DIY instructions?



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The '94 uses a 3 part trigger system, trigger, sear, and hammer(the hammer sear is part of the hammer). The slack is usually in the trigger/sear assembly and only some can be removed. The pull weight can be improved by carefully polishing the moving parts and rducing the spring tension on the sear return, just a bit.. This is not really a job for an ameture. With the boom in coyboy shooting I'm sure there are smiths in your area who can handle this chore. I've included a link to a parts blow up for your use..
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