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Anybody else see the "TTHA" show currently running? Saw last night they were hunting in Illinois, with a rifle??? Sure looked like a fenced game farm to me...
Wonder how many shows are fair chase any more???
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I once many years ago went hunting with Jerry Johnson, the founder of the TTHA. The hunt was in Mexico and for $1500.00 there were promises of hundreds and hundreds of big deer and a cabin and meals and transportation and great stands, yada, yada, yada.

Well, I flew to Laredo and the only way that I got to the ranch was because a couple of my buddies drove down earlier and they came back to Laredo to pick me up. When I got to the ranch there was a bunk house (shed) that had 8 cots on the inside part. Unfortunately there were 14 hunters and I was the last one, so 6 of us got to sleep on the ground. (Well, at least it was a screened in porch.) And good thing we brought some food, cause there was no cook, or even food for that matter.

Now they did have stands. Several tripods at various parts of the ranch. I hunted 2 days and didn't see a deer. My friends hunted 4 days and didn't see a deer. In fact, in the time that I was there no one took a deer. Now I know that there are probably hundreds and hundreds of big deer in Mexico, but I guess that I mistakenly thought that Mr. Johnson meant on the ranch that he was brokering hunts for. Boy, how stupid could I have been?

So anything that you say about his organization wouldn't surprize me. This guy was a salesman par excelance, and has been able to make BS like his into a very good living I am sure, and plenty of free hunts and free products, etc, etc.

Oh, and about the hunt. Guess what? We never saw hide nor hair of Mr. Johnson. Boy was I surprized.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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