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I just purchased a used double barrel shotgun and was wondering if anyone could tell me anything abou the brand. It says Ugartechea made in Spain on the top of the right barrel and Precision Sports Cortland N.Y. on the top of the left barrel. It is a 12Ga. 3" Magnum. It appears to be in very nice condition and for the curious I paid $300 for it. So first off did I do good on the price? :)

Also this is the first shotgun that I have owned so I do not know much about these guns. Can I use any 12Ga. shells in this gun or is there anything that I need to know? I saw some boxes at the local Bass Pro that said steel pellets may damage some barrels, how do I know if these are safe in this gun?

Also can I use 2 3/4", 3" and 3 1/2" in this gun safely or just 2 3/4" and 3"?

Sorry for all of the questions but like I said this is my first shotgun.

Thanks for any info! :lol:
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They are pretty good guns. Not top of line but well worth what you paid.

No you can't use 3-1/2" shells since you say it is marked 3". Believe me in a SXS double you'll not want to anyway. Can you say "oh my aching shoulder"? :)

Generally speaking if a gun has removeable choke tubes it is likely OK with steel shot. If not then most likely steel shot will ruin it. If the chokes are fixed and tighter than MOD for sure don't shoot steel in it.

Hey GreyBeard,

Can you tell me if there is an easy way to tell what guns can use steel shot?
You mentioned MOD choke as the cutoff point. I have an old 12ga.Stevens-Springfield double SXS that was my dad's and I won't use steel in that at any has full and mod. chokes?? Also, I have 12ga. 2-3/4" Ithaca 37 Deerslayer smoothbore. Can this deerslayer 20" barrel be used w/ lead shot for home defense or squirrel loads without screwing up the barrel?
Thanks for the help.
Uggie- Spanish shotguns 600 Series Discontinued 1994-Precision Sports Importer

There really are no hard and fast rules to follow on steel shot.

Generally speaking if it is an old gun made before steel shot came along don't do it. If it has choke tubes most likely it will be OK especially with more open chokes. Personally I'd never fire steel in any fixed choke gun unless the maker specifically says it is OK to do so.

Don't understand your question on the Ithaca. Lead shot is OK for all. Steel is wehre the quesions arise.

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