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Picked up an Ultra .243 from Walmart a few days ago. Used the cleaning and chamber lapping info in Sticky. Excellent instructions. Flushed the receiver according to the instructions and found not one metal shaving nor excess machine oil.

Loaded a dozen rounds. 0.005 off lands. 87 gr. V-Max that I moly coated. 37 gr. IMR 4064. 200 yard group of 5 shots resulted in a 2" group. Cleaned the unit using a plastic bore worm and let her cool for about an hour. Fired a second 5 shot group and another "just" under 2" group at 200 yards. Unfortunately, my Chrony battery was dead so can't give you fps. Plan on loading a few more rounds with 37 gr. IMR 4064 and will Chrony this next group. Will do a bit more with the same powder and will try Varget with the 87 gr'ers and see what happens.
Well colleagues, not bad for out of the box?

Almost forgot, using an RCBS, Premium Trigger Pull Scale. I get a very consistant reading of 2 3/4 pounds (2.75) Don't think I'll puttz with the trigger. Oh yes, used a Harris Bipod for all 10 shots. DG
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