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ultra hunter rifle in 308

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:D Hi I was wanting to know how good is a new england ultra hunter
rifle in 308. what can i expect in accuracy? I hand lood all my hunting
ammo . I think they look good with laminated stock and forend. I would put a good scope on it.
thanks miss wild man
usmc res nahc nra peta ( people eating tasty animals)
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.308 Ultra

Have not shot the Ultra but I have the Handi-Rifle in 22 hornet, .223, and 30-06. They appear to be pretty much the same rifle. While I do enjoy shooting these little rifles and they do make a great deer stand weapon (very portable), I'm not getting the accuracy that I hear about. My experience in the 06 is a little closer to 3 to 4" groups at 100 yards and a little better with hand loads seated out near the lands. Best 5 shot group so far has been 2.75" with 178 gr. AMAX using 60 grains of Reloader 19. Now don't get me wrong thats just fine for huntin anyday and my point is that you may have to try several different loads and and bullet weights to get it to shoot OK. Worst was 150 grain Winchester Supreme. Could not keep those consistantly in the black. Shoots Remington Core Loks in 200 pretty good as well as the 220's. Also, barrels seem to stay warm for a long time and it shoots best with an absolutly cold barrel. :sniper:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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