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underhammer rifles

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I've been looking at the underhammer rifles made by Blue Grouse. Anybody have any experience with these rifles? A 36 caliber looks like a neat new toy.

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He'll will sell you a Hopkins and Allen, in kit or finished,,yet those arn't the ones "made by Blue Grouse".
Just remember, those small calibers do have special issues all by themselves, their not as easy to shoot and care for as the .50's and up :D

Now to answer the question? Those folks at "Blue Grouse" ?, they be green river by me, they'll set too an' they got bottom,
In other words, their honest, open, and reliable. I have nun but praise for those folks
Are the Blue GRouse rifles the same as the Deer Creek underhammers? They sure look the same.

I like those guns and a well made and well proportioned one is surely a nice looking gun
Deer Creek H&A .36 Under Hammer Kit

Hopkins and Allen .36 caliber Assembled Under hammer kit, Barrel length 32 inches with a 1 in 66” twist. German silver front blade sight and adjustable rear. Maple forearm and stock ready to be shaped and finished. $195.00 plus actual shipping and insurance.
[email protected] SOLD PENDING FUNDS
Blue Grouse Black Power sells the "standard" Hopkins & Allen unfinished kits in the white in 36,45, and 50 Cal. His best prices are on these. He takes selling these guns a great deal farther than just selling. He provides a great amount of support in how to get the finish you want on the metal. I had trouble orienting the trigger spring one day when I was reassembling the action.... I got Bruce on the phone, and he very patiently talked me through......

But he takes the underhammer to new heights!!!!! He has been custom building actions, and can get custom barrels/calibers made up, which he fits to the H&A action or to one of his own threaded breech actions for permanent installation.......He will also install scope mounts if you want, or work with setting up for any sights you may want.

I started with the 50cal to replace my T/C New Englander, later got a 36cal, which is max for small game in CT on state land. Later I got a hankering for an underhammer shotgun. I told Bruce what I wanted, he found a barrel maker who could do it, Ed Rayl. He then installed the breech plug, drilled & tapped for the nipple, and installed a brass bead. I now have my 32" 10ga half octagaon/wedding band/round underhammer shotgun! It is a delight to shoot

I'm able to get 3 holes touching 1" high @ 50yds., 1 1/2" groups, 2" low with 490 round ball and Goex. I've hunted with the 50 during 2 seasons so far, but have yet to get a deer with it.. ML season here in CT is in December, AFTER bow season has started in Sept. and after shotgun/rifle season in Nov.
[I did get 2 deer during those shotgun seasons, both at less than 30 yds.]

Blue Grouse BP has 2 websites. Take a look. I'm a happy customer!
then sign on as "guest"

or look at :
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