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update on the guy with the hunts

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His axis bucks are around 500 as is axis bucks the does are 125.00 he has some rams wth full curls also. the uvalde hunt is for 3 days and turkey is included free it is a great place to take kids a his east texas ranch is a neat set up here is his number again Bill Tolar 409-283-3909 it is best to call him in the evenings javelina are also included in the hunt he is offering lodging and hunting for 50 per day and all you pay s the kill fee he is a really nice guy very far this is where i kill all m hogs at
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If you don't mind me asking, what are your chances of getting wild hogs. Several years ago I went to visit a friend in San Antonio and we hunted around Cotulla for a day. But this was in July and I guess it wasn't the best time of year.

What is the area like during the third week of April? I would really appreciate your information.
chances are almost 100% of getting a hog

The chances of harvesting a hog are great of the 4 hunts i have went on i have killed a hog every time my first hunt matter of fact was april 27th of last yr The area is swarmed with hogs as he plants oats and as 3 feeders going the barrel feeder has a mix of wheat bran and corn the others are automatic feeders with corn there is a creek nearby and as soon as the feeders go off it is dinner time he is very resonable and he guarentees his hunts as far as if you dont kill one he allows you to come back and try again this is the east texas ranch near woodville texas i have some pictures posted at and will post the link the hogs were taken at his ranch the axis and sika are under high fence but the hogs are free roaming and it is not a canned hunt i will be doing several night hunts this week and am after a huge boar he has been very hard to spot but i hope by night hunting i can get him hear is Mr Tolars # 409-283-3909 give him a call tell him who you are and he will hook yu up he is a farmer just tryig to make a enough to feed his exotics and keep the hogs coming in very resonable great place to take a kid also go to for pictures
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Does he have a web site? Probably not, or I'm sure you would ahve posted it. Can you tell us anything about the axis or skia hunts? You said under high fence, how large is the area under the high fence, and can you say what the expectations are of bagging either of those two? Thanks
chances are great to harvest both axis and sika

Markc thanks for replying back the chances of harvesting either the sika or n the axis are great the ranch n uvalde is n 300 acres under igh fence the ranch in woodville is only 80 they are not very big places but i can assure you the place in uvale is challenging i help Mr Tolar put stands up and feeders and keep the feeders full. The place in woodville is has some really nice axis and sika bucks he has an abundance of does both sika and axis Mr tolar tells me that if you can shoo you will get your deer i know that i can get 200 yds from them on any given day as i know there pattern and all and know where they like to stay during the day plus you have the optio of hogs as well he has barbados on both places as well he does not have a web site as like he told me e is not trying to make alot of money just trying to be able to feed the animals and offer some enjoyment his phone number is 409-283-3909 or mine is 409-283- 2292 i ma not a great judge o what a trophy looks like in either the sika or axis but i ma pretty impressed with both i kill decent bucks every yr and they blow my bucks away hope i have answered some questions if not ill try to answe them better as you resond back
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thanks Howie for the info. I would like to take my wife out for some of those does when I get her new rifle out of lawaway. Might call you soon.
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