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I've been sitting back, waiting for someone else to post here, but I guess I'll have to try to get the ball rolling myself.

Maybe this would be a good time for each of us to update the others on how things have been going with our bullet making endeavours.

I didn't shoot anything with my bullets (or anyone else's) this year :cry: , so I don't have any more results to add to the lightning kills of the two deer I shot with them in the two previous seasons.

I carried my Whelen for moose, and used a 220 grain bonded version of my bullet loaded to 2645 fps. (I've made some 245 grainers, but wanted to see how 220's worked first.)

For deer, I carried 220 grain standard core bullets in my .358 loaded to 2318 fps. This is the same load I used on my doe last year, and it was probably the most impressive bullet performance I'd ever seen. The deer was hit so hard she seemed to "fold away" from the point of impact.

My backup for deer was my .35 Remington with 200 grain standard cores loaded to 2056 fps. It only got into the field for a couple of days, but I was hoping for bang/flop performance similar to what I got from the 197 grainers I used in my .358 2 years ago.

I guess I'll have to wait another year to get some more actual on-game results.

I'm still waiting for my first shipment of .35 calibre jackets from Butch Hairfield so I can do some testing with bullets made from them. I hope he gets his equipment up-and-running soon.

Anyone else?
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Apparently I'm having problems using my ID of talon and had to use "talon1" to post as a guest. Perhaps it's because I use different ISPs from time to time. I had problems signing on to this new format several weeks ago and maybe my input didn't take.
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