All prices are listed as individually parted out rifles/components. Feel free to make an offer on complete rigs or bundles or whatever you might be interested in.

Ok, so not really an actual warehouse, but my garage. Here's all the various Handi stuff that I had tucked away. Time to move. All rifles/barreled actions are original factory pairings.
Top to bottom:

Youth 223 barrel, Extractor $300 (appears to be a 1:9 twist) Edit: drilled & tapped for sights as well. (SOLD)

CBA Youth 223 (Extractor) barreled action.
#1 Bbl $300 $250 (appears to be 1:12 twist) Edit: drilled & tapped for sights as well SPF!

#2 SB2 receiver $125 $110

#3 444 Marlin barrel, Extractor $325 300

CBA 444 Marlin rifle: (Complete rifle sold)
BBL (Extractor) $325
SB2 $125

Furniture $75

#4 45-70 barrel, Extractor $325 300 (factory fitted accessory barrel with the 30'06 below)
#5 NJ prefix SB2 (factory fitted to #4 & #6)
#6 30'06 extractor. No sights. $300 275

#7 45-70 extractor, missing rear sight $300 275
#8 HX prefix SB2 $110
Furniture $65 (SOLD)

NW prefix 500 S&W rifle
BBL Ejector $350 (SOLD)
SB2 $125 (SOLD)

Furniture $75 (SOLD)

#9 270 Win ejector $275 250
#10 NM prefix SB2 $110 100
Furniture $75 (SOLD)

AJ prefix Huntsman $325
AJ prefix Huntsman $300 Stock set is Sold
Barrel $100
Hunstman (SB1) receiver $70

I picked these up in a bundle recently and don't know anything about them. I've removed the breech plugs to confirm I could, and that's it. I expect the bores to be a bit rough, but I haven't cleaned and inspected them yet.)

HW prefix 38-55 Target (complete rifle SOLD) to
BBL Extractor $425
SB2 $140
Furniture $175

Furniture N/A (SOLD)

BBL extractor $275 Sold

#15 HX prefix SB2 $100 Moved to auction
Furniture $75

#16 CBA prefix 35 Whelen (excellent condition)
BBL extractor $325 300 SOLD
CBA prefix SB2 $125
Furniture $100 80

#11 (added 8/16)
-45-70 Ejector barrel, scope base, missing rear sight. $265
-NW prefix SB2 receiver, $110
-Pallet furniture, $50 (forearm has a split/flake in the front edge of the screw hole. Looks to be a pretty easy wood glue fix.)

#12 (added 8/16)
-45-70 extractor barrel, sights & scope rail. $300
-HX prefix SB2, $110
-Pallet furniture, $75

#13 (added 8/16)
-45-70 extractor barrel, rear sight is missing the blade, $275
HX prefix SB2 receiver $125 SOLD
-Pallet furniture $80

#14 (added 8/16)
-45-70 extractor barrel, with sights, $285
-HX prefix SB2 receiver, $110
-Monte Carlo camo furniture, $80 (furniture shows some paint wear/thinning on the edges) SOLD

#17 (added 8/16)
Talley 1" 1-piece mount $20 if shipped with anything #1-16 SOLD

#18 (added 8/16) $20 if shipped with anything #1-16
Camo 1" 1-piece mount (It has something etched on the top of the base, but I can't make it out)

Hammer Spur Extensions (10 pictured). $5 each if shipped with anything above.

Various sets of 1" Weaver-style rings. $10 if shipped with anythng above (I have many more, this was just a sample)

I have an extra sissy bar if anybody needs one with any of these stock sets.

Too many pics to post much details, so PM me an email or phone number of what you might be interested in and I'll send specific pics. Everything is negotiable, especially on multiple items.

All prices include to shipping to you, or your FFL, as required.
FREE Paypal preferred, but I'll accept most any form of payment from an established, reputable member.