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Any individual who legally sends a firearm to a FFL for purposes of legal transfer, properly insuring that firearm-- will NOT reimburse you for ANY DAMAGE they do to your firearm, period.

UPS, in their tariff section (under "RESOURCES" on has a downloadable PDF file that explains ONLY shipments for repair or customization are allowed. This disallows shipments for appraisal, legal transfer, and other strictly (always legal) purposes.

My long-time ignorance in not knowing this just cost me $1000. I have stupidly, blindly shipped via UPS for years, paying for meaningless insurance.

The USPS has no such problem with long guns. Fed-Ex has not such problem-- as a matter of fact, FedEx even had a booth at this year's SHOT SHOW.

Why Bass-Pro and Cabela's use anti-gun UPS is beyond me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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