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This time of year moose are on the move in Alaska, including in the state's largest city. This creates some excitement as well as some serious issues. The local paper has been featuring numerous photos and videos of bull moose fighting in neighborhoods and wandering town.

there are others out there too.

Then this article comes up where 2 different drivers, one on a motorcycle were killed when they hit a moose. This time of year it gets dark pretty early, and moose sometimes just don't show up well in the headlights. Bad luck for drivers and moose :

Motorcyclist dies in collision with moose on Anchorage road.

A 38-year-old man died Sunday after he collided with a moose on Minnesota Drive, Anchorage police said. Another vehicle crashed into a guardrail trying to avoid the motorcycle, prompting an hours-long road closure. It was the second fatal collision between a moose and a vehicle in two days in Alaska's largest city. A statement from Anchorage Police Department spokesperson Jennifer Castro said Justin Jones was traveling northbound on Minnesota just after midnight when he collided with the moose. Both Jones and the moose were killed in the accident. .......... more at: [size=78%][/size][/color][/size]
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