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Today on Bushnell's Secret of the Hunt June 2 2005 Classic Hunt #4, they were hunting Blanco Creek Ranch in Sabinal Texas. Jeremy Kelso was hunting....he is a member of South 65....a country group.

Well, while watching the shooting of a buck, I noticed the bolt was open before, during, and after the shot. He sticks his rifle out the window and I said to myself...the bolt is open....this is gona suck when he pulls and no bang. Well, with his finger on the trigger,I got ready for the disappointment and then to my surprise....boooooooom....down goes the buck. Thought I had seen it wrong until they cut back to the shooter and sure enough his hands had not moved but the bolt was still up!!! I thought to myself no big deal, most of the hunting shows FAKE certain things...finding the animal, trigger squeeze etc...

BUT THEN here comes the WHAMMY....Dave Watson the host goes into this long spill about how his hunting show is REAL...not faked like some shows. The way you see it is the way it happened...none of this cutting here and boom dead deer.

All of this and TERRIBLE acting to boot.....I MUST SAY IT HAS NOW BECOME A CLASSSSSSSIC....emphasis on ASS. I have shown it to mu buddies and we all crack up.

I CRACKED UP!!! Laughed my ASS off

So then, seeing as he has his own forum....I thought I would email him but guess what, no email. So I posted this message and guess what....DELETED.

Too funny,
Kyle :-D
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