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Walther P22/muzzle can

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Just wondering if anybody else here has played with the P22 w/ a can installed? I am waiting for my form 4 to come back, to get a Gemtech .22LR can. Since the P22 has a threaded barrel bushing that is easily swapped for one with external 1/2-28 threads it looks like a natural for quiet plinking. I've thought about a integrally supressed MKII for a long time, but this looks more versatile, probably not as accurate but fun to play with!
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i have played with the mark ll a few times and what a riot! fun cheap to shoot! great on home pest control! in the garden without getting the folks next door unhappy! not sue on thewalther though!
Ummm....well, duh...that's why the wait for the form 4.
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