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A Browning .45-70 BPCR, serial # 07544NR2B7, listed on GunBroker by Texas Guns & Ammo (BROWNING 1885 45-70 GOVERNMENT CASE HARDENED TANG PEEP SIGHT - Lever Action Rifles at : 988725086) has a badly pitted bore. I very recently purchased the rifle, then returned it the next day. Upon initial inspection it was obvious the bore was badly rusted to about 8” in front of the chamber with some spotty rust further forward. I should have returned it immediately but spent a couple of hours cleaning the bore with Rem. 40X & JB Paste. At first, there was so much rust it resisted inserting a cleaning patch into the bore. After cleaning the bore & checking it with a borescope I returned the rifle due to the resulting pitting. After the rust was removed the pitting cannot be seen with the naked eye but is very obvious when viewed with a borescope. I informed the seller about the rust & pitting. He subsequently relisted the rifle & indicated it was professionally cleaned by me & the bore is fine. I feel sorry for the person that ends up buying it, figuring he/she is getting a good deal. I will guarantee, due to the significant pitting, any accuracy will fall off quickly due to bore leading & increased fouling.

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