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We have a new forum

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After hearing that All Vertical will be closing it’s doors and presumably soon taking off line, I asked for a Rifle Silhouette forum here on Graybeard Outdoors. A number of other folks came over to support the request, and within hours Graybeard set up this new forum for us.

I have learned a great deal from the silhouette forums at, and really enjoyed the interactions there. I hope a way is found to keep that resource from being lost, but if it is lost, at least thanks to Graybeard we have a new Rifle Silhouette forum available to us here.

- Jim :D
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Hey Jim, Is this to be a rim fire or highpower Rifle Silhouette. Or (C) all the above.
Redfred, for the moment it is both. If it becomes active and the users express an interest in splitting the two off into separate forums I have no problem with that so long as there is enough activity to support both. We'll just play it by ear and see how many come over and use it and what their preferences are if it becomes active.

Can we import the history from

Could we import the existing posts from Would be nice to not lose the historical data.
I Agree

There is a wealth of information over there in the archives and it sure would be nice if it could be saved somehow.

Happy New Year to all!
ditto on all archives.
I know of no way to mass import it.

You can obviously copy it from there and paste here but the two systems here and there are drastically different so it would require a lot of work to do.

I wrote a little program to copy all the messages from the HP Silhouette forum (886 topics) and the SB Silhouette forum (1,779 topics) to my hard drive.

Reformating the data so it could be posted somewhere else would be another story, but at least now I have a copy of it to work with in case Shooters really does go down.

- Jim

Hello all, great to see the new forum up and running.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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