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Weasel Bait?

One doesn't want to underestimate the weasel's smelling abilities! A million weasels have been harvested with a chunk of bait frozen solid at minus 0 degrees temperatures. How much odor does a piece of frozen liver emit? One can hardly smell the odor at all. Even though it may not be a very intense odor to our nostrils, there is something about fresh blood that weasels and other animals can detect for quite some distance. If one wants to see weasels in my part of the country, shoot a deer or rabbit, leave some blood around, and I guarantee they will appear out of nowhere like magic. Like any species trapline, location is still the #1 factor to success. If weasel sets are made in proper locations, the stretcher will be full. I know, I was a weasel trapper big time when I was a young fellow and always took 50 to 100 weasel just on a snowshoe line. Fresh frozen chicken or rabbit was the bait I always used in the back of the weasel box or cubby. My paste type Lenon's Weasel Super All Call was also placed in the back of the box or cubby with a little smeared around the upper rim of the cubby or beneath the overhang on the box lid. I would see the tracks in the snow of the weasels approach, and many would turn in to the set from up to 50 feet away, even when temperatures were well below zero and the lure and bait were giving off a minimal amount of odor. They had no problem smelling the fresh blood and weasel gland formula along with the frozen bait. Ace
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