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Weatherby rifle barrels

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Weatherby rifles do not have free floated barrels according to my information. So are they glass bedded or something else? They guarantee at least 1.5 moa which is nothing great in a regular caliber rifle, but probably is quite good in a magnum caliber. So does anyone know about the Weatherby's?
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I admit to having a very limited experience with the Weatherby's but from what I saw, their bedding was variable at best. The one's I dealt with used no bedding material other than the wood of the stock itself.. With a modern barrel and reasonable care 1 1/2 inches is rather easy to acheive in a bolt rifle of decent manufacture/design. Most responded to a forearm pressure point but I always tried free floating them first. A free floated barrel seems to be a bit less likely to shift point of impact as weather/humidity changes... good luck from the gunnut69
All of Weatherby rifle stocks have "pressure point," except for the Accumark which is free-floated. That notwithstanding, even though Weathrby's guarantee 1 1/2" groups, the truth is that virtually all of them shoot much better. All of the Weatherby's that I have used shot groups under 1" with some as small at .75." (Then again, all of my Remington's shoot 1" or better with some as small as .50" and my Remingtons costs 1/2 to 1/3 the price of Weatherbys. :wink: )

Thing is, fellas, Weatherby is the only one to offer that guarantee (out of the box - Big Manufacturers). Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Marlin, none of those make that claim. I'd even go so far as to say that if you shoot 1.75" groups and its the best you can do, the others won't do a thing about it. Weatherby will. 1.5 MOA, naw, it ain't great, but it is guaranteed. Like the previous poster mentioned, nearly all Weatherby's will shoot much better. Remington, Winchester, Ruger all claim their rifles will shoot, but Weatherby guarantees it.

Heck, I ain't even a Weatherby fan.
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