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I recently had a Weatherby XXII 4x50 scope damaged when it was being shipped to me. Might anyone know where I could have it repaired? It broke through the threads of the eyepiece and locking ring. As these scopes are relatively rare, I'm not sure I can find a replacement.

Also, does anyone know if two different types of mounts were originally used on these from the factory? Mine has the "fully integrated" mounts as I've seen on the vast majority of these, but I recently saw one with "partially integrated" mounts, for lack of a better description.


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As for scope mounts, I don't know because you didn't specify if your Weatherby is a Mark V or a Vanguard.

As for scopes, Weatherby never "made" scopes. Rather, they had another scope company put their Weatherby name on them. I heard that Leupold used to do this for Weatherby, but I'm not sure. Your best bet, in this circumstance, is to contact Weatherby directly.


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That scope came with a life time warranty from Weatherby and that's who you need to contact for repair or replacement. Dunno what they will do at this late date on them tho. I've had one replaced by them I think three times as the cross hairs separated each time.

I've never seen but the one integrated attachment system for the tip off grooves found on many rimfire rifles.

I still have the old scope from mine now on an air rifle belonging to my youngest son. The Weatherby XXII rifle was sold several years ago.

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