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Well, here we go...

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Graybeard has kindly allowed us to have a special forum jist fer our CAS BP loadin! :grin:

I don' know iffin we can make a go of this, but I'm willing to try! I'm NOT an expert on BP loading in CAS cartridges, but do have some experiance in loading the following: .45 Colt, .45 ACP, .38 Special/.357 mag with the black stuff. (yes, .45 ACP! It's turning out to be an up and coming CAS round in conversions) I'm willing to undertake to answer questions about loading those rounds and make conjecture about others! :eek: I can also take shots at loading with Pyrodex in those chamberings, but have no experiance at all with the other BP subs. So with input from Marsh, I suspect we can find the answers to most CAS related BP questions!

Comment: Although I haven't read any of them I understand there are some really good books out there about BP CAS loading by Mike Ventrino (SP?) and another by Doc Shapiro. I know that Doc Shapiros' book is a good one because have exchanged e-mails with him and the guy obviously knows his stuff, so I recommend it to anyone desiring to learn BP loading fer CAS.

Oh yeah! My BP experiance with CAS has come from loading for Remingtons in .45 Colt, Remmie Conversions in .45 Colt and .45ACP, .38 Special in Open Tops, .45 Colt and .357 in Rossi lever guns. (I call my .357s my 38-22s :wink: )
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:D Happy New Year!

I hope this'un a go, Cut's! It's a subject near and dear. Now I got a place ta ask all my questions!!

Looking forward to talks

Butler Ford
:D Cuts !!!!!!!

Glad to see you here; I uses the Holy Black till the wife put here foot down about the smell during and AFTER clean-up, then went to CleanShot till it went out. :(
Now I use 777 and like it but, poa was bad, no groups, all over the place, had to cut back on the loads like they said, because it is stronger. :eek:
Let's keep this wire free from the ones that wont to change our way of think'n and shooten the Black Smokey Stuff

Peddler Parsons
SASS # 31281
I'm interested in loading black powder in my .45-70 Marlin, and my .45 colt revolver, but I know next to nothing about black powder.

Anyone have a recommendation as to where to start?

I haven't got the equipment, but a buddy of mine does. He reloads his own ammo for 7 mag, but while he uses black powder in his muzzle loader, he's never loaded a "real" cartridge (his words) with it.

~Robert (Denver, CO)[/quote]
Here's a place to look over talking about cleanshot.

Check out the whole sight. It's a good one.

And another good one is
Howdy Peddler! Ah don' regonize yer handle frum elsewhere!!?! Where duz Ah know y'all frum? Irrespective, WELCOME!!! :grin:

Wij, Iffin ya look down through the current crop of posts Ah'm sure you'll find the thread about loadin fer .45 Colts. 'N they's a forum here fer the big bore cat'ridge guns too, but it's up a ways on the forums page. And Ah'll betcha they's sum pards here who can chime in on this forum about 'em too!
Wijbrandus, You can start right here, were not as organized as some of them fancy web pages, but we're a whole lot more entertaining :-D , and I bet we could tell you just as much! :grin: Need to know if you've ever reloaded before, or what your experiences are and we'll go from there. Loading Black Powder isn't that much different than anyother reloading.

Just waiting for you to tell us where to start
Ok, I've never reloaded. I'll be relying on my co-worker who has reloaded smokeless extensively, but never a black powder cartridge.

My primary interest is in reloading .45-70 government, for use in an 1895 Marlin Cowboy. For fun, I don't shoot competitively. I've checked out a few places that sell this ammo in black powder, and the prices are prohibitive. So I'd like to bake my own bread, so to speak.

I guess what I'm looking for is a load that'll shoot a 400-500 grain bullet well enough to get an idea just what the heck is involved in doing this whole thing. And then a list of what someone who knows how to reload smokeless should know before he touches black. :)

And if you have any other warnings that will keep my eyes in my head and my fingers attached, let me know. I'm smart enough to not smoke around the powder, but sometimes the little things one takes for granted are the things that'll hurt the most.

Wijbrandus, would you read something for me? I'm not trying to put you off. but this is a really well written thread. When you've finished it, come on back for a little one-on-one. Ok?
Would be glad to. Did you forget to include a link? Or were you waiting for a response?

And the name's Robert. Keep calling me Wijbrandus, and I'll think I'm back in the Army. :shock:

I did forget the link. You must be quick, I edited the post as soon as I checked it!!

Ok, that's a lot of information, and a lot of work. Let me do a little cut and paste from a reply I made to an individual in another forum:

"To load a black powder cartridge pour enough black powder into the cartridge so that when you seat the bullet you get enough compression to know you have eliminated all airspace, then seat your bullet. You now have a good shootable blackpowder cartridge. Load some and go shoot'em. When ya get home and after you git that big grin under control, at least enough to see the 'puter your gonna want to know all the little tricks, potions, and charms that may (or may not) have any influence on trying to put 5 rounds into one hole half a mile away. It's fun, all the other things these experienced people are refering to are things above and beyond the basics. My recommendation to you would be DON'T TRY IT!! Unless your ready for a long search for that "perfect load" for your rifle. It gets in your blood like nothing else. If you think your ready, load a few "Basic" rounds and give'em a try"

This works too!
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Thanks for the info! :grin:

I'll be back when I've done myself enough damage to want to know more! :D

~Robert, future worshipper of the powder
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