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Went shooting with my Bullbery .44 and factory '06 today...

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Well the 10" Bullberry .44Mag shoots great @50yrds one ragged hole with 20grs of AL2400 and a 240gr Speer HP's @100 five shot groups ran 1" to 1.5" :)
The '06 shot like CRAP!! :cry: @50yrds groups were 2"+ and @100yrds I can't even HIT A 9" PAPER PLATE! I stand a better chance killing an Elk or Bear throwing it than shooting it!...I am going to try one more load and if this does not do it it's bye...bye '06. I tried a factory load Remington's 180gr round nose and @ 50yrds it shot a 1" group but @ 100yrds it shot 2.5" to 3" This thing is driven me NUT's! I think the next barrel I get for the Encore is going to be a custom 7mm08 or 308.The only thing that made my day was the Bullberry .44Mag now that thing can shoot.
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Went shooting with my Bullbery .44 and fact

:shock: Hey PJ,

What length barrel is the 06?

One of the guys on the board (sigshooter) was home on leave, and we hooked up at the local range for some Encore and Contender shooting.

The group is the first time I fired his 06. My loads, 150 Grain bullet.
Barrel has a ear splitting brake on it, and these were fired @ 100 yards with a NcStar 2X on it off the bags.

Let me know if you want the full load details.

Just a frogs hair over an inch!

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..we should put our heads together on the -06. I bet we could get it figured out.
hey PJ

do you reload? that may improve groups. what ammo have you tried? some will shoot better than others. keep the barrel if you like the caliber. every gun and barrel is different you just have to find the load it likes. the same would be true of a custom barrel. if you want to keep shooting factory ammo, you will just have to keep trying different brands till you find the bullet and brand it likes. my 7-08 shot my reload better than the factory ammo i bought. i only shot the factory stuff for practice and to get my brass. you may luck on to a factory load that will shoot good enough to work.
Went shooting with my Bullbery .44 and fact

What's wrong with a 3" group? That's minute of deer or elk!
Went shooting with my Bullbery .44 and fact

Yes, I reload I have checked the scope mount and I just put a Burris 2x7 on it everything is good.3" groups @100yrds are not good .My Bullberry 10" .44Mag will out shoot it at 115yrds with 1.5 groups.I am going to try a few more loads and if this thing wont group 1/2" or smaller at 50yrds it time to try some other caliber.My 7x30 Contender will group 1/2" and under @ 140yrds.I'll lett you guys know how it goes.
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