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Went shooting with the '06,30 Herrett and 6mmBR

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HE....HA The '06 was a blast shooting milk jugs at 200yrds that was fun kind of brings the kid out of you.The 30 Herrett did not like the 100gr RN's and 2400 powder.The 6BR is almost to good to be true.I just can't get over how accurate this thing is.Milk jugs at 200yrds with the 6BR was just to easy took them to 300yrds no problem.The biggest group yet with the 6BR and 60gr HP's was only [email protected]
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Hey PJ

I too love the '06 in an Encore. I shoot 53 gr 4350 and a 180 Nosler Bal Tip for white-tail. It shoots 1MOA all teh way to 300 yds. The 180 drops quite a bit though. crank up the 4350 or even 4064 and stuff in the Nosler 165. It shoots, and recoil isn't unbearable. I will be switching to teh 165 for everything. It shoots flatter over the ranges I use. I also use the 165 in the .308. When loaded with 168 Sierra Match Kings, the groups get scary 8) .
Went shooting with the '06,30 Herrett and 6

PJ it sounds like you are having more fun with these TC's than should be legal. :-D On top of that it sounds like you are shooting them really well too. I hope I can get anywhere close to that good with mine when I get the time to really start shooting it. :lol:
I'd just like to know how he finds the time......

...sounds like a lot of shooting, and a lot of fun.
.30 Herritt

I like to shoot my .30 herritt and as with most of my will outpreform my talents.
Went shooting

I can't see a milk jug at three hundred yards. Now if it was a milk truck I would have a chance, maybe hit it 3 out of 13 shots. I will call you soon, maybe you can give me some pointers on long range shooting.
Went shooting with the '06,30 Herrett and 6

OLDMAN,that 6mmBR is a sweet shooten SOB and those milk jugs at 300yrds were spray painted orange to help me find them.I would like to get a 3x12 Burris for it some day.The 8 power scope on it now works good but I think 300yrds is max for that scope.
Went shooting with the 06

How far out do you plan on going? Have you tried different weight bullets and what brands of bullets have you tried. What the best powder that you have tried so far
Went shooting with the '06,30 Herrett and 6

Ya,I know 300yrds is about it but it would be nice to have more power on the scope.That way I could see those milk jugs better :) The only powder I have tried in the 6BR is H-322 and only 70 and 60gr Sierras.The next bullet I will try will be a 80gr Blitz.
Went shooting with the '06,30 Herrett and 6

I tried some loads in my Herrett with 2400 also.

Paterns is the best I could use to describe hits at 50 yards.
TC Louis

Try it with Seirra or Nosler 125's and 4227. I struggled with it for a long time. Seating depth and case length was extremely critical. If you can, dig up some of Bob Milek's writings about the Herretts. I also have some 110's loaded and they actually can stay insde of 2" at 100yds. It's not my 308 or '06 but it's fun with alot less recoil.
30 Herrett

Come on guys, the 30 H is easy to get to shoot accurately. Just make sure you have your brass sized to fit the chamber. Headspace should be on the shoulder. The 125 grain Sierra and 130 grain Hornady give me excellent accuracy when loaded with H4227 or W680. Try AA1680 in place of 680. I have 3 Herret barrels and they all work well. In fact, I just killed a buck with my 10" Herret. Enjoy.
Went shooting with the '06,30 Herrett and 6

:eek: PJ, "biggest group yet" is .290". I believe you mean "best group yet". The 6mmBr is a terrific shooter, but your gonna have to show me that "big" group in person!
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