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Went to the Gun Show today......

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Went to the gun show today lookin' for a few odds and ends. Needed some parts for an AR and a 1903a3 and thought I might swap off a .40 cal for something different. Couldn't find what I needed for either or anything I would part with the .40 over. Was disappointed over all at the show. I looked for some '96 swedes for a few of you fella's and didin't see anything worth mentioning. Best deal I could come up with was on some MRE's. I had to haggle over the price a little. I picked up the last four cases the guy had for 25.00 a case. Oh well. There'll be another show by a different sponsor in a neighboring county week after next. I guess I'll go and see if I can find some Santa stuff. Talk at ya' later...

Frog :D
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