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I saw something that was really[glow=red,2,300] good. [/glow]

There was three young ladies being introduced to handguns by their boyfriends (?) From what I could see they were having a great time, and when they were through shooting, they actually policed their area.

There were two other gentlemen from the Dothan, Alabama area that were there also, and after one of the men, whose name escapes me,( OK, so I forgot Both of their names) helped me with my .480, he then was kind enough to chronograph some loads from it and my .357. The .480 was averaging 1260 fps with the 400 grain bullet and 22 grains of H110, while the .357 was doing about the same with a 158 gr JHP and 10.5 grains of Blue Dot.

It's refreshing to meet people who have similar interests and aren't afraid to lend a hand or share their knowledge
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