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Western National quiz

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How do you turn a 600 or so mile trip to Miles City into a 1200 plus mile run? :twisted:
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Stinky you are consistent...your last post made just about as much sense as you driving to Miles City a week before the Convention :-D :-D :-D Least the gas prices are low :eek:

So Wacky your saying Lynx couldnt find the brake or he burnt them out he was going so fast and his parachute snapped off................
No I'm sayin he couldn't find the calendar or couldn't read or was into barley pops for way to long! :roll:
Stupid duck...scout things out a week ahead of time TO MAKE SURE we got a good spot etc....AND feed the stupid duck a good meal(ribeye) and WHAT do I get......he "drops a loaf" and THEN he walks around calling it "precious"....SICKO!!!
...and a fine ribeye it was!!!! So you headin out to Goshen oh, about the fourth? Tahtr away you can chedk it out get back home change the oil in your truck and make it back in time for the shin dig. :wink:
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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