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Gentleman posting as taxmiser has honored me with his assistance on a Montana Pronghorn Hunt this fall. Offered to help even though he did not require return in kind as he did not want to travel to my neck of the woods.

Hopefully I can return the favor to another hunter out there.

I can assist with deer archery hunts and spring turkey hunts here in Western NY.

Archery season we have very good numbers of deer and I see a few 120+ class deer every year...usually out of my 15 yard max range with my recurve!!!!

Gun deer season is a little high pressured and crazy for me to try and arange a quality experience for someone. Also, I am too busy spending all day that I am not working up a tree praying for something to move in the daylight.

Spring turkey in this area is very very good with some big country on some public land that supports good numbers of educated birds and steep hills...very challenging physically and tough birds. Have some private land places with easier hunts...relatively...on smaller parcels. Will consider any interesting alternatives for hunts within a reasonable cost range.
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