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what about dem dogs?

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i was thinking of getting a couple dogs how would i train them and what breed would i use?

Craig :?
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Does your girlfriend/Fiance' read your posts? Just kidding, all you need is the bumper sticker now. E-mail me if you want. I ahve some connections that can give you all kinds of info on hog doggin.
markc :lol:
I hear that hunting hogs with dogs is very effective. My father went on one of these hunts in West Texas many years back. From the pictures it looked like the dogs, or at least some of them, were beagles.


how many do i need and what are those connections you got? well thank yall i appreciate it


I am no expert having only done it a couple of times, but the dogs are different breeds depending on their purpose in the hunt. Bay dogs are usually something like a Cur, where as the catch dogs are usually pit bulls. Check out the info I e-mailed you, hope you find all the info you need to get started. Be prepared for a high Vet bill. Don't 4get, cut vests and cut collars for your dogs. :)
I own Catahula Curs with are bay dogs, though some will catch.

Start with a visit to Bay Dogs online. I've been traveling south and hunting hogs with & without dogs for the last 8 years. It really gets in your blood.

Basically there are bay dogs that locate and hold a hog at bay (no contact). And there are catch dogs that will catch or grab a hog by the loose skin on the neck hence controling the tucks.

Pups are intoduced to young pigs at an early age. The small pig(s) are put in a round pen. The pups are taken on the trail that the pigs were walked/dragged(pigs don't like leases) to that pen. The pups atre encouraged to sent the trail eventually find the pigs. The pups run around the small round pig pen backing thier fool headas off, simce they think they actually found the pigs. Pups can also be rewarded with a bit of liver once they are sucessfull.

This is repeated with longer trails as the pups mature. The pigs by the way are now getting more aggrevatied with this training. Once the pups & pigs get about 9 month old. This can be done in a paddock without the safety pen.

If you've let the pig keep thier cutters, a 1/2 sheet of plywood can be used to separate pup & pig if things go bad.

If you going to get into this plan on a lot of training. Then you have to work & hunt those dogs. If they get lax, lazy fat you'll get them killed on a hunt.
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I have an American bulldog that would love to catch a Hog. Their is none around. He comes from catch lines. American bulldogs are a great catch dog and most Curs will work as bay dogs. I am telling you right now you will probly go through a few dogs if you are going to do it seriously. So dont get to attached. That is why alot of people use Pits and not American bulldogs, is cost. Tough to throw a $1000 dollar dog in with a mean boar that may get the upper hand, even though that is what these dogs love to do. If you have ever seen an American Bulldog than you know what I mean.

the only dog i have now is a chihuahua :wink: wonder if he will work and i just got me and blue heeler pup yesterday he is real cool but it doesnt matter now we lost our place to hunt but we are fixing to get another place to hunt so i can talk about it i guess i wont be using my blue heeler to catch a hog because i am already attached but i can get all the pit bulls i want for free from my cousin who gives the pups away but i will be training my pup the next couple of days, well i can say he is not really a pup though he hasnt dropped yet he is about 2-3 months but i am taking him tommorrow to herd our cows hopefully he will catch on pretty fast but i guess i will ttyl

Craig :grin:
You should subscribe to Boar Hunter Magazine... There is tons of stuff in there about dogs, how to feed, train them, etc... There is a link to the Boar Hunter Magazine website on my webpage. Just click the link below, and go to my page two... the link is near the bottom of page two. Dave
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