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What different stock sets are available?

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Here's my plan. Over the winter I am sending my 45-70 BC frame in to have a 223 barrel fitted. Since the BC stock is not to condusive to a scope, I want to change the stock. I know the 'pallet' wood stock is the plain one. Then the Ultra stock (delux?) has the comb rise. I know that comes in hardwood, and I have seen it in green laminate. Does it also come checkered and not? Then there is the thumb hole stock. What I would prefer is a cinnimon laminate, camo second choice, in the Ultra style that's checkered. I checked the FAQ's but it's not to helpful in saying which is Ultra style and shotgun style and neither is H&R's web site. All they list is synthetic, and monte carlo in wood and the thumbhole's in laminate. What is available from H&R (assuming it's in stock of course) in the different style of stocks? Can I get what I'd like to have? 44 Man
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44 Man,

I have a cinammon lam, checkered monte carlo, ultra stock set in brand new condition in the WTT ads. ;)
Check out the ad and let me know if you are interested.

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