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What electronic equipment you take on a hunting trip?

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I carry a 3 watt bag phone in my vehicle. It will not work in some areas, but will work in other areas that the little .6 watt phones will not work.

I have a 3 watt handheld CB in my daypack. In my part of the world it has some advantages. The biggest is that most of the logging operations monitor the cb. The logging truck drivers have them. If you have an emergency they are a potential resource if you can get passed the chatter. A couple of yearsago we helped find an overdue 15 yearold. We placed one hunter in a vehicle on a high point to act as a cordinator, dispatcher. We hit the draws feeding into the main canyon finding the boy and getting the word back to the father. We do not use the radio to conduct a hunt. It is a safety tool. Another advantage is that I have busted both of my knees. Just maybe I can get help if need when hunting alone. Which I do 50% of the time.

I always have a small mini maglite. I use to carry a small headlamp which used 4-AA batteries but the fish cops outlawed that. I respect and normally support those folks very closely but we part company on my headlamp.

New to the mix is a Garmin gps.

Normally when I hit the woods I have a military butt pack or a day pack depending on the weather. I have the day pack when I will be shedding clothing as the day heats up. If they come up with any more electronics I will need a caddy.

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What electronic equipment you take on a hun

:) I always take my headlamp. Sometimes I take a rangefinder if it might be needed. I often have the cellphone in the car. The GPS I use fairly often. It depends on what type of hunting and where.
What I carry (belt plus suspenders!)

I carry a Midland GMRS with the channels locked, leaving another Midland set up the same way with my wife. Spare batteries. Also, I carry a Garmin GPS, a cell phone, and spare batts for the GPS. Total weight probably is about a pound, maybe a pound and a half. I want to be able to give a search party my location if I'm injured and need help. When my wife accompanies me but stays at camp, she could use the Midland to communicate with me. Oh, yeah, I also carry a mini-mag flashlight with headband and spare batts. Also, the usual survival items in case I have to overnight in the woods.
What electronic equipment you take on a hun

How do you like the Midland Radio?

A few years ago a lost hunter was located by a rescue(CHP) helicopter because of his GMRS radio. His partner gave the freg. to the rescue folks and the lost hunter was located quickley after a couple of days lost. The airborne helicopter was able to cover the area with radio signels that another person on the ground could not. Sounds like you have a good plan. I suspect because of the time frames, like you he had extra batteries.


*California Highway Patrol
What electronic equipment you take on a hun

I use a red dot or holosight on my rifles, and in recent years, I've started to carry a GPS and FRS radio. I only really use the GPS when hunting new territory or for establishing sunrise and sunset for legal reasons.
Many things

I have them with me, in the truck or boat, and it depends on the situation when I leave from there.

Garmin GPS II Plus
3 flashlights
3 watt marine radio

Lots of batteries. And the charger for the marine radio.
The boat also has a Marine radio.
Midland G-11 GMRS

I like the Midlands we have, but honestly can't compare them to other makes as they are the only GMRS I've used. Compact and light, and that's worth something. Writing down the frequencies and leaving them with someone sounds like a good idea to me.

I got the cellphone for hunting and salmon fishing. Here in Oregon, there have been numerous mountain climber rescues because someone had a phone, and they are useful for ocean salmon fishing as a backup for VHS radio.
What electronic equipment you take on a hun

It's probably too much, but here it is:

Garmin GPS / extra batteries
Streamlight Clipmate LED light
Surefire Nitrolon / extra batteries
Bushnell Rangefinder
2 Motorola Talkabout radios / extra batteries

and a cell phone - although I don't really know why because usually it won't work.

I'm always trying to eliminate something from the backpack, but it won't be any of the above items.
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What electronic equipment you take on a hun


What model Motorola radios do you have. Do you recommend them?
What electronic equipment you take on a hun

The Motorolas are the usual maroon colored ones that are about $40 at Walmart or Basspro. We recently got a couple of the Bellsouth "Communicator's" model 2276. Basspro has them for about $15, and they work better (on the five mile channels) than the $40 Motorolas. They do go through batteries faster than the Motorola, and they take 4 AAA's at a time, but the range is considerably better, and worth the extra cost for me. They are also smaller and lighter, and fit into a little side pocket in my backpack. One of my projects for the summer was to cut down on the amount of stuff I carry into the woods - so far, not much progress has been made. By the way, my daughter and I just got back from rabbit hunting, and we have four nice fat bunnies in the freezer. My wife makes a garlic/rabbit/ potato casserole that I've been thinking about a lot lately. Mmmmmmmm!
What electronic equipment you take on a hun

Glad you had a good rabbit hunt. It has been a lot of years since I have hunted rabbits.

I prefer radio's that are powered by AA batteries. They seemed to put out more watt's. I know the wildland fire fighters prefer AA battery packs in their radio's.

I'll have to check out the Bell South radio's.

What electronic equipment you take on a hun

Oooops, almost forgot an important piece of equipment! My daughter's Game Boy (with the sound off, of course). It buys me a few extra hours in the woods. :grin:
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