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The unregulated sale of firearms by unlicensed sellers through classified ads in newspapers allows felons, domestic abusers, minors, and other persons who are prohibited by law from possessing firearms to buy guns without a criminal background check. We call this the “newspaper loophole.”

The potential danger to the general public from the private sale of firearms through the classifieds is illustrated by the Mark Williams and Benjamin Smith incidents. See stories below.

The National Campaign to Close the Newspaper Loophole asks newspapers to restrict firearms advertisements to licensed firearms dealers only, and to not accept classified ads for guns from unlicensed sellers. Since the campaign was launched in November 2001, at least 26 newspapers across the country with a combined circulation of 5.8 million have changed their firearms advertising policy.

*FW Note:

We used to refer to this sort of trade as "freedom".

Notice how anything that allows Americans to exercise their Constitutional rights without interference from the state is now considered a "loophole."

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