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What is your opinion of the Firestorm .45 auto ?

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I have a chance to get a like new, fired maybe a box through it. After taking it apart and looking at it I believe every part will interchange with Colt parts. Is this correct. I have two Series 70 Colts and one Union Switch and Signal .45 :eek: in very good shape. Can't ever have enough .45's.
It might be a good beater gun for brush and extra sidearm.

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Firestorm 45

Hay Mike: Who makes those? Is that a Star? If so they are supposed to be reliable pieces. Mikey.

The .45 Auto is made by Llama. Every part on it seems to interchange with the Colt pistols. It is very tight and shoots very good.


Mike: Years ago lots of folks used to make the mistake of laughing at the Llama pistols but I have owned a couple of them and they are excellent and rugged pieces. Some of the older ones had that rib on the slide and while that was a detraction for some it was a benefit to others. I've seen a lot of those Llamas worked over and they come out looking good and just keep on going. One of my favorites was the older 380s they sold that looked like mini-1911s. Another one that I liked was the target Model they came out with for a while in 9mm - wasn't crazy about the caliber but the gun sure looked real good.

I'd say you did fine with that Llama - it will give you what you want for a brush beater and a backup, and more. Mikey.
Llama Firestorm

I looked at a friend's new Firestorm and I was kind of impressed. All parts except perhaps the grips looked like they would interchange with a Colt, but I did not actually to swap any. The finish was better than in years past from Llama. Looked like a neat package. The proof is in the shooting, however.
I just traded up a Llama .45 MiniMaxII. From my reading there are dimensional differences between some 1911 parts and the Llama. For instance the mag release is different, looks same but is larger. Also the safety is different. I understand the 1911 fire control parts can be fitted. As for mine, it is needing some smithing. That sorry plastic plunger tube is going to be replaced! I have already worked the trigger, sear, and am now working on getting the safety to shift positions without two hands.
About 15 years ago I ran a small, low budget gun shop and bought three Llamas to resell. I test fired them and had to gunsmith all to make them work. I don't now recall all the problems but seem to remember one would put itself on safe after every shot. I understand the "Rock Island" .45s made in the Philippines is not a bad low cost pistol but I'm a bit leery of the Llamas, Star on the other hand, I'd trust.
I want to add the Llama I had was junk. Soft parts and feeding problems. Made a good single shot! I have read you have to throw away the Llama mags and get MecGar mags. Actually the inside of the mag looked like it had been through a fire. Anyway, it is gone, traded for a RIA, that so far functions 100% even with mixed ammo in the mags. No more Llama for me!
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