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What kind and caliber of guns do you need???

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If you want to shoot CAS you will need guns, a bunch of guns compared to USPSA, IDPA or the like. What I found is the costs are pretty near the same.
Handguns: 2 relovlers, both single action. Colt single actions, Ruger Vaqueros Cimmarons or the like. Cost per gun can be from $375 up to over $1000 for you rich folk. I did some tradin' with the local gun range and traded 4 guns a money for two Vaqueros. Seemed to make sence at the time
Rifle: lever action in pistol caliber. Marlin makes some nice .38/.357 ones as well as Cimmaron and others. Looking at $500 give or take (you give, they take)
Shotgun: side x side, pump or lever action. No automatic ejectors. Winchester 1897 and 1887's are still around but Norinco makes a nice knockoff of the 1897 for around $350

Give us your thoughts on the best guns for CAS

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What kind and caliber of guns do you need??

I use ASM's in .45 ,a Rossi Puma 92 in .45 & a Stevens315in 12 ga. Did some work on the Stevens but paid less than $900 for all of that. Cowboy duds that fit a biggg guy are a whole nother story. :grin:
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