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What were the leaves like in your area this year?

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Usually, we find the leaves are pretty much gone, the last half of moose camp. This year, not only were they on the trees during deer camp, I was shocked to find a small oak with green leaves on it durring the second week of deer camp, with snow on the ground, and sub zero temps. (I actually walked around the tree staring at it)
We expected a misserable success rate, 'cause we could not see into the bush. I am positive we would have seen more deer. But we did well anyway with three for me, and a camp total of five for eight guys.
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What were the leaves like in your area this

I hunt less than 100 miles from you and faced almost identical conditions this year.

Normally we have some leaves on the understory for the first half of the moose hunt, but lose them by mid week. This year, we had almost all trees still in leaf, and half were still green. One guy called a moose to within 30 yds (where it winded him) but couldn't see a hair.

The deer hunt was terrible with the leaves at the end of week 2 similar to what we normally see at the beginning of moose. I saw several places where green leaves were dieing and dropping without changing colour.

Gee! Can I use this as an excuse for not shooting anything this year? :twisted:

Actually 11 guys got 4 deer and a bear first week, and 8 of us got another deer in week 2. But, over all, it was far below our usual success rate.
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