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The 'cowardly congress comission'..the gang of 12 who have been selected to find budget cuts, seem to be stalled..
If they cannot find enough across-the-board cuts in spending, forced cuts will be made, mostly to the military.
If this happens, Marines will be reduced by 50%, Army will shrink to pre 9/11 level and the Air Force will be 2/3 less planes than it did in 1950.
The Navy will go to 240 ships or less..far fewer than we had at the outbreak of WW1....and Two carrier battle groups will be scrubbed.. And shamelessly, military retirement promises will be broken..
This would mean that $600 billion will be taken from the military budget...this following the $859 billion, Obama has already filched from them.
Are more Solyndras and Finnish car factories more important ? Is the money wasted on goofy "research" projects and $$$$$ throwed at phony "global warming" programs and propaganda better spent ?

The secretary of Defense doesn't think so;

Can we see lefties on the 'congressional coward's panel'.. such a Patty Murray and John Kerrey dragging their feet just a bit it will be thrown into default ?
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